Top 3 Forums for newbies in music production.

Hello, folks!

I remember my first few years when I was starting music production. I was pretty much frustrated about where or how to learn it because I didn’t had mentor or I didn’t took any kind of music courses. So if you are like me: self learner then my Nr. 1 tip or rule will be:

Hang out in the music production related forums as much as you can!

Because you can learn useful information and find some friends or make some connections that later could play some crucial things while developing your career.

So let’s dive into my top 3 forums where I enjoy to spend my time.


Im D&B head myself so this one is GOLD-mine for me, community is so responsive and content is up to date. Between members you can find some established artists that will still reply on posts or give some useful information to the other members.

2. The producer’s forum

Trance guru MatZo is the head of this forum. I really enjoy “production talk” section as much as dnbforum’s one. If you are interested in genres like house, future bass or trance than this one is definitely for you. I have picked up some sick techniques that helped to better understand few technical things and shape my sound in long terms.

3. Laidback Luke’s forum

No doubts about how good this forum is. In Laidback Luke’s community you can find some artists that are on charts at the moment. Avicii,Bart B More  and many more are grown up in the walls of this forum. I remember how amazed I was when I found this resource. Pure GOLD!